Cox Charities

Support from the

Cox Charities Foundation


Funded by employee donations that are company matched, Cox Charities has a diverse advisory board of Cox employees that reviews funding requests and evaluates programs to ensure that our giving is meeting the needs of the local communities.


Cox Charities funds organizations that focus on youth, education, military and conservation through the following programs:


In addition to the programs listed above, employees who are Cox Charities members can individually apply to support the nonprofit of their choice through the following programs:

Cox Communications 

Support from Cox Communications


As a leading technology provider in our service areas, Cox Communications uses our technology and resources in ways that improve the quality of life in our communities and for future generations.

We strive to develop and support initiatives that utilize our products and network to enhance education through innovation and technology, bridging the digital divide, and encouraging environmental responsibility. 

We support initiatives in the following areas: 

Youth & Education 

Programs that enhance the traditional classroom experience through the innovative integration of technology into the curriculum.


Diversity & Inclusion

Organizations and programs focused on equality, civil rights, and educational and economic opportunities for diverse populations.



Eco-friendly practices that lessen the impact on the environment through waste stream management and conserving carbon and water. 

Please CLICK HERE to read eligibility information for the types of organizations we support.

To request a sponsorship, PSA support, or

in-kind donations from Cox Communications:

All applications including requests for auction items or Public Service Announcements will be reviewed monthly. Due to the volume of requests we unfortunately are unable to respond to requests for information or the status of a submission outside of these funding periods.

Key Initiatives